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Advertisement Encrypt Decrypt Text  v.1.0

Simple Encrypt Decrypt Text - free text encryption software for personal. Encrypt text, encrypt emails and messages. You can use it for encrypt Text, Email, MSN, YM, ICQ and more.... Encrypt and decrypt rich text messages using cut and paste.

Text Encryption Software  v.1.0

Encrypt Text with Free Encryption Software for Extra Security. This Free Text Encryption Software allows you to encrypt and decrypt text of almost any length. A User Defined Password is used to Encrypt / Decrypt the Text.


Eglum Encrypter  v.1.0.2

This software allows you to encrypt and decrypt text, and perform Email and HTML encryption.

Encryption And Decryption

Sending sensitive messages and files over the Internet is like sending a postcard as all emails are transmitted in an unsecured form. Of course, you may believe that your personal email does not contain any private information, but everyone has got

Encryptafile  v.1.5

Encryptafile is an software that allows you to encrypt and decrypt text, email, files, folders, drives, and other like data using the latest industry standard powerful encryption algorithms.

Encryption/Decryption  v.

Text encoding and decoding software. Encryption/Decryption enable you to encrypt and decrypt text.

Consus  v.Alpha

Eencrypt and decrypt text. Consus enables the user to encrypt and decrypt text (primarily) and files (in the future). The project will be written in VB.NET and called Consus.

CryptHasher  v.1.8.1b

CryptHasher calculate Hash for text or file using md5, sha1, sha256 etc or encrypt-decrypt text using encryption algorithms (DES, AES etc). An encryption tool.Requirements: * NET

ScrambleOnClick  v.1 2

ScrambleOnClick allows you to quickly encrypt/decrypt a selectable section of text within any document that you wish to keep private.

Gpg4usb 0.3.2-1  v.1

To say it straight in only one sentence: gpg4usb is a very easy to use portable-application, which combines a simple text-editor with a GnuPG-frontend to write, encrypt and decrypt your text-messages.

CryptX - PRO  v.3.56.64

CryptX - PRO is a small and very easy to use application that allows you to easily encrypt / decrypt the desired text string.

ZXI Decrypter  v.

ZXI Decrypter is a lightweight program that can help you decrypt the messages that have been protected by using the ZXI Encrypter.

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